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Klein Gelenkwellen

High precisions propeller shafts since over 60 years

We develop, test and manufacture high performance propeller shafts since over 60 years in two locations around Esslingen.

Werk KLEIN Gelenkwellen Filderstadt-Harthausen
Plant Filderstadt-Harthausen

All release testing of components is done in-house on our own test benches. The life expectancy is tested and simulated under different environmental conditions.

One of the test rigs: Bearing endurance test rig

If the test piece has reached the required life expectancy then it is further tested through extensive field testing by customers to insure the results are correct.

Production is continuously monitored though various quality systems. This assures that each part is problem free and is of a first class quality.

All productions processes are carried out to produce propeller shafts in the most environmentally friendly way as possible. The design allows a reduction in material and also therefore the shafts more energy efficient. At the end of the propeller shafts lifespan it can be fully recycled and melted down to reuse the high quality steel.

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